Empowering Dental Professionals through Insurance & Education

Dentist’s Advantage is a division of Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. (TX 13695); (AR 100106022); in CA & MN, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA 0795465); in OK, AIS Affinity Insurance Services Inc.; in CA, Aon Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. (CA 0G94493); Aon Direct Insurance Administrators and Berkely Insurance Agency; and in NY, AIS Affinity Insurance Agency. 

Defending dentists since 1949

If you experience a dental malpractice claim, who do you want defending you? The new insurance program whose attorney doesn’t know a molar from a bicuspid, or a program like Dentist’s Advantage whose been helping to defend dentists since 1949? 

For your peace of mind, choose Dentist’s Advantage for the experience and financial stability you deserve.

Snapshot of the AGD New Graduate Professional Liability Insurance program

  • Contemporary coverage responsive to emerging exposure
  • Professional Liability Insurance limits — $1,000,000 per occurrence / $3,000,000 aggregate
  • Claims settled only with your written approval
  • Licensure defense coverage included 
  • Defense costs paid in addition to policy limits 
  • All dental specialties included 
  • $0 deductible
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Defending dentists since 1949
Please note: Individual Coverage provided for named certificate holder only. (If you are becoming [or currently are] a practice owner, please contact Dentist's Advantage at 1-888-778-3981.

Dentist’s Advantage has been a Lead Corporate Sponsor of the Academy of General Dentistry since 2000. Like the AGD, our goal is to support dental professionals through quality education. Our area of expertise is insurance. Receive dedicated support and cost-effective solutions at every stage of your career.

Due to your advanced education through the AGD, you receive an automatic discount on your professional liability insurance. This savings is available only through Dentist’s Advantage. 

-10% credit AGD Members
-15% credit AGD Fellows
-20% credit AGD Masters

Professional Liability Program Highlights
-All dental specialties included
-License protection coverage
-Protection for the entire office
-Legal defense in addition to liability limits
-Claims-made and Occurrence forms available
-Free ‘tail’ coverage at retirement (if 50 years or older and insured through Dentist’s Advantage for at least five years)
-Flexible coverage limits
-Available in all 50 states
-Claims settled with only your written consent
-Membership in the NSDP included
-24/7 hotline fielded by dental risk experts
-Robust risk management resources

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